Unfortunately at present, due to retirements, we do not have a functioning Tennis Club any more. However we do have three Tarmac based courts that are well used but none of these users are able or willing to form a club to get the Tennis section back up and running. This means that we cannot apply for grants to do some much needed maintenance on them and in time they will fall into disrepair which would be a shame. We can look at alternative uses for them but it would be nice to see them continue as Tennis courts although without a club and a Tennis committee this will not be possible. Anyone who reads this and has an interest then please contact me. All you need is three willing volunteers to become Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer to form the back bone of a club. A constitution is still active as is the registration with the LTA so with a little work it could be up and running again.

With the recent Davis Cup success, the LTA is currently assessing grass roots Tennis facilities across the country so now could be a very advantageous time to look at re establishing a club.

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